4 Successful MLM Advertising Strategies You Want to Use

MLM advertising strategies that PERFORM are essential in Network Marketing Here I have Search Engine friendly, MLM advertising techniques that can put your business on the map NOW, thus helping you in your business.1. Article Marketing-Article Marketing is FREE!!!!!If Long term benefits is what you’re looking for ( if YOU are consistent ), then Article Marketing is definitely the best technique, because once your Article is published and ranked by the search engines to be first-class, then traffic keeps noticing your article each time the keyword phrases in your Article are searched for.An added bonus of having high-quality articles is that the traffic reading it will most likely click links into your website, then into your SALES FUNNEL, giving you EARNINGS.Articles steadily increase normal search engine traffic to your website, as well as boost your website ranking over time. The more traffic checks out your article the higher ranking it gets, which means FRONT PAGE exposure, FOR FREE. I love it

2. Video Marketing -Video Marketing is FREE!!!!!If you heard that VIDEO Marketing on sites like YouTube, Viddler and others used about 30-50% of ALL Bandwidth, wouldn’t you want to have your small business profit from some of that exposure, so use video services to DOMINATE MLM advertising for your company.Even if you are camera shy, its worth the effort in lead results alone, never mind the amount of customers who will join your business because they SEE YOU are a real person and can trust you, your not hiding behind your email address trying to scam someone.3. Social Networking -Social Marketing is FREE!!!!!The best MLM advertising strategies this year are based on Attraction Marketing through social marketing, using social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo, LinkedIn and others. Many TOP Producing Network Marketers are benefiting from putting their company on Facebook and making friends with others of like mind.Social Networking Marketing is the rave of the future and there are lots of ways to generate 20-50 leads per day just using Social Media MLM advertising.4. Blogging -Blogging is FREE!!!!!Does Blogging have value on-line?? – Search engines LOVE Blogs! Why? Because PEOPLE love Blogs.People will read a Blog entry more eagerly than most other types of content on-line. This allows you to aim for keyword phrases, dominate market niches, and take your MLM advertising straight to the people. Learn how to setup a PROFITABLE Blog properly. Study some of the TOP Earner Blogs out there and apply what you see in you’re own business – it will give you significant results over time.5. PPC -PPC is NOT FREE!!! (It can break you)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is the most proficient paid MLM advertising technique ever. It lets you capture THE EXACT people that you are looking for, while they are searching for terms that YOU SELECT. No more do you need to Advertise in the local paper because your funds will be better spent using Google AdWords; you will see healthier ROI over time. PPC is the FASTEST tactic to generate leads, but it is also the most expensive. Don’t try Google AdWords without FIRST receiving training on how to do it properly. This strategy is NOT recommended for new Marketers who are beginning their Network Marketing career!To take advantage of any or all of these FREE methods you need to Activate your own Blog (website) make it eye-catching, simple and Brand YOU and your message on it.Start with one strategy that you like, get good at it, generate leads using it and then move on to the next approach and do the same.